Letter: Including facts would be most helpful while criticizing Trump

To the editor:

Where do I begin? The two columns from the usual Franklin College professors (one loving, one hateful) or the letter to the editor which I agree with regarding the “democrat revenge campaigners” touted in the “We hate Trump no matter what media.”

Let’s start with David Carlson’s “Jesus waits” piece (Jan. 23). Although he refers to himself as an Evangelical Christian, his columns over the years always appeared to me more philosophically than biblically based. I just can’t reconcile “Thou shalt not kill” with the Democrat Party platform of abortion and open borders.

I also don’t believe big government is the answer to Jesus’ message that “The poor will always be with you.” There’s more than one way to help the poor in other countries than bringing them all here. I personally support organizations such as Samaritan’s Purse and the Salvation Army. I think they have a better chance of getting help directly to the poor than our government sending cash to warlords, dictators and “princes” to build palaces and buy fleets of Mercedes. My faith convicts my heart to trust Christian organizations with this because they must answer to God who I believe will strike them dead if they cheat. And since Billy Graham is now in his 100th year of life, I guess God still trusts him.

And now to the latest illogical, emotional, hateful anti-Trump diatribe from Dan Thomasson, “History Confirms Walls Don’t Work,” (Jan. 22), which of course couldn’t include any facts to support that headline and led to my thought that they probably don’t even teach history at Franklin College. It pretty much was the proverbial straw that broke this conservative camel’s back.

Judy Coleman