Hearts & Darts – February 5


I would like to thank the person who found my cash and the staff at CVS in Franklin for returning the $600 I lost before Christmas. I can’t say enough about the great people in our community.

Bob Kinser


Hearts to Samantha Perry and Tina Brownfield for your hard work and dedication to not only the Tree of Caring but to me. Without the two of you by my side there’s no way I could get everything done and stay sane. Your time, patience, love and kindness are appreciated so much and I hope that you both realize that! Thank you both for everything!

Beth Riedel

Tree of Caring

Hearts to the person at the Franklin Post Office who discovered I had left the post office without taking my stamps. It would have been easy for that person to have walked off with them. Instead, they turned them into the postal employees. That employee remembered who had purchased those stamps and made two trips to my house to deliver them in person.

Joyce Elliott