To the editor:

The liberal bias published in your newspaper continues, as it does in most major newspapers. After the many major accomplishments President Donald Trump has achieved in his first year in office without a single Democratic vote, I have yet to read anything positive in your newspaper.

The tax cuts, the booming stock market, the elimination of job crippling regulations and record low unemployment. Folks, the man is not all bad. We voted to drain the swamp and change the way Washington D.C. operates! He is not a politician; he is a businessman that kept his campaign promises.

Something that has bothered me for several years is this. All the liberal publications, newspapers and the likes of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and scores of others all refer to Barack Hussein Obama as our first African-American or black president. This is simply not true.

His father was a black African from Kenya and his mother was a white Caucasian. He would be bi-racial at best. Not sure if that qualifies him as being the first bi-racial president or not. He was raised by his white Caucasian grandparents. This is not being racist; it is just stating the facts.

Why don’t you give us a break from Dan Thomasson and his far left liberal venom and say something nice about President Trump? Even only 5 percent of the time would be an improvement.

John G. Jefferson

Greenwood, White River Township