Letter: Letter: Dick Huber

To the editor:

Sometimes it doesn’t seem worthwhile to make a trip to the mail box; mostly junk. At other times, it isn’t safe to go get the mail; arrives after dark when it is cold, snowy and slippery. We have a Greenwood mailing address.

Prior to the past several months, our mail for years has been very punctual and predictable. Then it changed; very unpredictably; varying from morning to night time delivery. The Greenwood Postmaster informed me that some routes had been rearranged, drivers had changed routes and there were some new drivers. But there was a promise that things would get better.

But that promise has not yet been fulfilled so another trip to the post office. I was informed on that recent and particular day, they were short five drivers and that they were having difficulty finding qualified applicants.

Is this a unique situation with one post office or is this generally true for most post offices? Would anybody who knows anybody who knows anybody be able to provide some answers?

Are more changes coming? Will we soon have mail delivered every other day? Will we be required to go to a central distribution point to get our mail? Should the post office be delivering only first-class mail? Should mail be delivered before sunset?

The promise that things would get better has not yet happened. I keep hoping but I had better be careful for what I wish for; I just may get it and not like it.

Dick Huber