FREDERICKSBURG, Pa. — The widow of one of three people killed in a massive pileup on a central Pennsylvania interstate almost two years ago has filed a federal lawsuit. reported Wednesday Christine Lesko has listed 18 defendants in suit stemming from the Interstate 78 crash during a snowstorm in February 2016.

Lesko’s husband, 50-year-old Kenneth Lesko, was in a pickup truck struck by a semi, pushed into the median and struck again by another tractor-trailer.

The pileup also killed 54-year-old Francisca Pear and 57-year-old Alfred Dean Kinnick and sent more than 70 other people to hospitals.

Lesko alleges that speeding, negligent driving and driver inattentiveness led to her husband’s death. She is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.

At least one other lawsuit has been filed over the chain-reaction crash.

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