Mobile home damaged in fire

A fire damaged a mobile home south of Franklin, but two residents, including one in a wheelchair, were able to get out safely.

When firefighters arrived at the home in the 800 block of Old U.S. 31 at about 2 p.m. Saturday, they found a husband helping his wife, who was in a wheelchair, out the front door, Amity Fire Chief Jackie Brockman said.

Firefighters helped the pair get away from the home, and then worked to put out the fire, that had started in the back of the home, he said. The residents were not injured.

The residents had placed a heater underneath the home to thaw a pipe that had frozen, and the heat had then sparked the fire, Brockman said.

Residents attempting to warm up pipes that have frozen should be careful with their heat sources, making sure to have good ventilation and no flammable materials nearby, he said.

The Amity, Franklin and Nineveh fire departments spent about 35 minutes fighting the fire, Brockman said.

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