LINCOLN, Neb. — A 43-year-old Omaha man sentenced to 50-to-80 years for the 1998 shooting death of his former boss will remain behind bars after the Nebraska Supreme Court rejected his appeal.

Greg Glass was convicted of second-degree murder and a weapons count for the death of Adolph Fentress, who was co-owner of Downtown Auto Sales in Omaha.

Police say Glass shot Fentress during an argument at the used-car dealership, where Glass had worked for a time. Glass testified that he confronted Fentress at the dealership because he believed Fentress owed him money.

Glass argued that he fired the weapon in self-defense after Fentress grabbed a tire iron.

On Friday, the Nebraska Supreme Court rejected Glass’ claim that his trial lawyer was so ineffective that it violated his right to a fair trial.