Marriage Licenses – January 5

Crystal Kuehrmann and Jayson Pitzer, both of Greenwood

Matthew Long and Lauren Zarrinnegar, both of Franklin

David Fisher and Charlene Barker, both of Bargersville

Summer Pope of Indianapolis and Stanley Willoughby of Franklin

Jeffrey Rinker and Dawnya Miller, both of Trafalgar

Scott Hayes and Sherri Schroeder, both of Greenwood

Sybrina Myers of Greenwood and Zachary Pardue of Franklin

Elizabeth Auld and Anthony DiPietro, both of Greenwood

Katelyn Ash of Indianapolis and Jordan Kelley of Whiteland

Jamie Manuel and Rigoberto Berdandino, both of Franklin

Jessica Schlenker and Michael Williamson, both of Greenwood

Abbey Fleck and Haroon Paunwar, both of Greenwood

Stephanie White and Quintin Brower, both of Edinburgh

Keebra Cooper and James Cooper III, both of Whiteland

Stephanie Orange and Brandon Yates, both of Franklin

Hillary Orme and Trevor Sellers, both of Greenwood

Jacob Lopossa and Megan Wagner, both of Franklin

Lauren Suarez of Greenwood and Blake Conrad of Kansas City, Missouri

Jessica Howard and Nicholas Bolin, both of Greenwood

Jessica Stalcup and Jay Miller, both of Greenwood

Chelsie Giles and Zachary Poindexter, both of Franklin

Rebekah Padgett and Matthew Poselwait, both of Greenwood