Hearts & Darts – January 1


» We want to thank officer Austin Bailey of the Edinburgh Police Department, the first officer there, and the rescue team for the quick response to the elderly lady who fell out of her seat at the Edinburgh Separate Baptist Church.

Bill Burton and the church

» I want to give humongous hearts to Chicago’s Pizza in Franklin for the leftover buffet pizza that they allow us to take to the homeless clients staying at the transitional houses. When it could be easier to pitch leftovers, they go above and beyond by boxing the leftovers up and calling me to come pick them up! Truly appreciated.

Lydia Wales

Franklin Township trustee

» So thankful this holiday season for all the neighbors that stopped by to help restore Smiley’s Mill Cemetery. Many hearts to Seth Brown, John Jennings, Joe Hughes, Danny Gill, Ray Fair, John Tranter, Jud Vaught, Gary Webb, Jerry Wood and Jacob Thompson.

Bart Weddle