Marriage Licenses – December 29

Marriage licenses

Mackenzie McCracken and Lucas Boggs, both of Greenwood

David Riley and Vanessa Jimenez, both of Greenwood

Ira Kuenzli and Margaret Berger, both of Greenwood

Eleen Eads of Greenwood and John-Paul Franks of Pendleton

Corey Shelton and Danielle Leveranz, both of Franklin

Alexis Jones and Austin Scott, both of Greenwood

Lindsey Deriter and Tyler McIntosh, both of Greenwood

Sarah Wadsworth and Bartholomew McFarland, both of Greenwood

Schuyler Radtke and Baylee Hanlon, both of Greenwood

Makenzie Thomas of Trafalgar and Matthew Lynch of Arkansas

Shane Northern and Jordan Howard, both of Franklin

Heaven Ross and Mark Mathews, both of Bargersville

Cieara Fitzpatrick and Grayson Babauta, both of Franklin

Kathryn Kirkman of Martinsville and Paul Webb of Greenwood

Shelby Eicks and Brent Norman, both of New Whiteland

Chelsea Stanfield of Greencastle and Suzanna Sink of Greenwood

Jonathan Dawson and Amber Sutton, both of Greenwood

Audrey Whitlock and Tanner Dean, both of Franklin

Brandi Keller and Dalton Chinn, both of Franklin

Carrie Waggy and Justin Fox, both of Franklin

Madison Bear and Samuel Trevey, both of Whiteland

Bruce George and Marjorie George, both of Franklin