Letter: Pens and guns equally capable of injuring

To the editor:

My last letter to a Journal editor, responding to Franklin College’s informal fraternity of political leftist op/ed writers (i.e. Thomasson, Krull and Carlson) was dated Oct. 30, 2017.

Now, belatedly comes Walter Aldorisio, retired Center Grove teacher, aflame over my past, as he views it, rhetoric (inflammatory language) (“Letter writer is mean-spirited bully,” letter, Dec. 7). But that’s OK. Albeit his being late in the mix, it is one way I know my musings are read, even if not appreciated. Another better way? The many encouraging emails and phone calls from Journal subscribers who, like me, do not appreciate our only county newspaper being so consistently liberal leaning on its opinion page.

Here are some of the political leftist op/ed (i.e. “Trump hater”) comments I’ve protested, since first penning letters to the editor during April of this year.

“Despite Donald’s rage, Americans will continue to resist with massive protests in the streets.” David Carlson. (Really? When does that begin?)

“There is no temple he will not trash, no tradition he will not traduce, no principle he will not pummel, no rule he will not wreck if it interferes with his narrow, personal agenda or interests.” John Krull describing President Donald Trump. (My rejoinder? That’s partly why he was elected president. How’s the bromide go? “You’ve got to break a few Obama eggs to make a ‘Make America Great Again’ omelet.”)

“The day is near when we will flush your unwelcome influence out of our system. But cheer up, Assad will still love you.” David Carlson.

“In the months Donald Trump has called himself president, evidence has piled up indicating he not only is unaware of his responsibilities to the Constitution but that he is fully capable of shredding the dignity of the office he holds to get his way.” Dan Thomasson. Simply proves, “One finds evil where one looks, when evil is being sought.”

David Carlson yet again: “… Trump is a dangerous and unstable person, someone whose word cannot be trusted. His relationship with Russia is muddied; what he asks of his children and son-in-law is possibly illegal.” (Hmm. His campaign promises are certainly being fulfilled, one after another after a other.)

And this, from someone not associated with Franklin College, Donald Smith, writing back in August: “… we have a billionaire autocrat who flaunts every boundary of conflict of interest, corruption, personal decency and respect for the office of president in a way that no prior Republican or Democratic leadership would have permitted to carry their party’s label.” (Ah, our omelet maker is obviously still at work! Good!)

Or, how ’bout this from guest columnist Gloria Jones. “What is frightening is that Trump is a trigger-happy president.” (OK, so, you’d prefer a pacifist-in-chief who “draws a line in the sand,” then reneges when an enemy crosses the line violating the sanction?)

Surely you see the continuing Trump bashing pattern here, so sadly characteristic of the ongoing Democrat revenge campaign in place since inauguration day earlier this year.

I’ll close by repeating what I wrote more than a month ago on this page: “Wonder how (above named) op/ed writing cronies would react to having their pens licensed, just as gun (owners) are licensed? After all, what’s good for the Second Amendment right ought to be OK for the First Amendment right, don’t you think?”

Pens and guns are equally capable of injuring and worse; reputation and well being in the first instance, protection and defense in the latter. Last I heard, legislation is to be introduced, to this end, during the present session of the Indiana legislature.

George Allen