COLUMBUS, Ohio — A small, Ohio community will soon vote on whether to dissolve their village into a nearby township or keep its local authority.

Alexandria Mayor Andy Hallam said the village council approved placing the issue on the May 8 ballot Monday, The Columbus Dispatch reported. If dissolution is approved, the 187-year-old village will be turned into an unincorporated part of St. Albans Township.

The village, about 30 miles west of Columbus, has seen struggles within local leadership recently. Several elected posts turned over, and a former fiscal officer was sentenced to four years in prison for theft of $167,000 in public funds.

Petitions for dissolution became an issue as well, as some challenged their validity.

Mayor-elect Jim Jasper, a current councilman, said people “deserve the opportunity to vote.”

Resident Stanley Robinson, who petitioned for dissolution in February, said it’s too expensive for the village government to take care of local services. He believes the township would be able to do it “more efficiently.”

Hallam said he will vote against dissolution. The village made major road repairs and park upgrades this year and finances were placed back on track, according to Hallam.

He said Alexandria joining the township could mean for a change in taxes in the future.

Information from: The Columbus Dispatch,