Letter: Letter: Tax plan cruel to working Americans

To the editor:

The Trump/GOP bureaucratic brutality steamrollers on. The GOP tax plan raises taxes on the lowest income workers, gives a piddling refund to some middle-income workers and gives billions away to the wealthy and businesses. They add insult to injury by taking health care away from millions of employees.

The snake oil being used to sell this travesty is trickle-down economics promising business expansion and many new jobs. The problem is that the three times this was done in the last 30 years, it did not work that way.

Business used that extra money to buy back stock, increase dividends and bonuses, ship more jobs overseas and buy more yachts and luxury items.

Workers never benefited from those tax cuts and in each case a recession happened a few years later. Do you really think the leopard has changed its spots? Insanity is doing the same thing over again believing there will be a different outcome.

Trump and the GOP have never cared about working class people and continue to prove it with every one of their actions. They are very good at offering a lot of high-sounding baloney while they pick your pockets. My message to working Americans is: watch your back while you eagerly munch on that baloney.

Donald Smith