Letter: Return patriotism to Americans’ hearts

To the editor:

As I think of America and how much she has been blessed, it grieves me so much to see her being so disrespected. Where is the patriotism that once filled the hearts of Americans? Where is the loyalty we once had for our country? Where is the respect and common decency that Americans used to have for one another?

What is the nonsensical deal of people kneeling for the national anthem? What a crazy thing. Does it not cross their minds that both the national anthem and the national flag represent them? So really, these people are disrespecting themselves.

Where is the respect we once had for our police officers? It seems like those who risk their lives day after day so that Americans can live safely, would be so highly respected and appreciated. But no, they are hated and treated horribly.

I believe that it is time to band together as Americans in order that the patriotism that used to be there will swell in our hearts more than ever before.

Many thanks to the police officers and to those who serve and protect our nation. Let’s get America heading in the right direction again.

Ben Reed