Letter: Tax plan helps wealthy, hurts senior citizens

To the editor:

Once again the ill-informed voting public who elected Donald Trump and his fellow Republican majority are going to get what they deserve. The only problem is that they will drag down the rest of us who know better. I don’t understand why working middle class Americans continue to swallow the lies and vote for these crooks.

The new tax plan will, according to independent analysis:

Blow up the deficit in order to give the wealthy a tax break.

Eliminate the Obamacare requirement for everyone to buy health insurance. This will drive healthy young people out of the insurance pools and make premiums unaffordable for those who want to keep their policies. Millions of those currently insured will either drop out voluntarily or be pushed out by the premium increases. Look for medical costs to again skyrocket as the uninsured head to emergency rooms for their routine health care needs.

Tax students on their free college tuition provided when they work for the university as a grad student.

Likely hurts seniors and lower income workers by raising their taxes.

As the deficit rises it will cause automatic tax cuts to kick in for Social Security and Medicare.

Of course the Republicans who forced this through Congress without a single Democratic vote claim the gains will stimulate the economy and we all will gain.

This is more of their “trickle down economics philosophy” that has been disproved over and over but the gullible voters continue to believe it. The overwhelming majority of CEOs say that the gains their company get from this plan will just be used to buy back more of their company stock instead of invested in expansion of their business and hiring new workers.

They will also tout some middle class tax gains which expire over 10 years while the ones that favor the rich and corporations will be permanent.

So lets hurt the seniors, give more of our tax dollars to the wealthy, force more middle class and poor kids out of college, increase the costs of health care, increase the deficit and drag the middle class down even further. Yay Trump.

Bob Bauer