Letter: Letter writer mean, sophomoric bully

To the editor:

I read two newspapers, cover to cover, daily. I also read several online news pages. Since I have a liberal arts education from Franklin College (for which I am grateful), I read with critical analysis. When reading opinions like editorials or letters to the editor, I try to put them in the context of my knowledge base and life experiences.

I find George Allen’s letter (with the same theme of attacking liberal/progressive opinions and defending Trump) reprehensible.

Allen’s letters bring to my mind a lyric from a song by Old Crow and The Medicine Show, “it is already a mean enough world.” Like Bannon, Trump, Limbaugh and Brietbart, Allen is just a plain mean-spirited bully. You, George, and your ilk are spreading fear, hate and the possibility of violence. Your comments about retribution toward folks with opinions that don’t match yours in your last rant call to mind the burning of newspaper offices, physical attacks on journalists in the U.S. and other countries and the shutting down of liberal institutions.

George, you are not George Will, so your attempted use of sophisticated language does not play well. In fact it is sophomoric. I don’t always agree with George Will; I do value his opinions and he does not promote hate and fear.

You, Allen, are entitled to your opinions and to express them but again you are mean-spirited and using the language of bullying. There seems to be the proverbial burr up your tail toward progressives and in particular Franklin College. I am proud alumni of Franklin College. Franklin College, professors and staff are meaningful contributors to our community and the “American Experience.”

During this season of peace and hope, I say Shalom to all and God bless all the people of the United States and throughout the world with His love for all.

Walter Aldorisio