Teenager charged with burglary of local firearms store

At least one gun stolen from a Greenwood gun store about two weeks ago has been recovered, and a 19-year-old has been arrested.

A tip led investigators to Anthony D. Henderson, 19, Indianapolis, who was arrested early Thursday morning on felony charges of burglary and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Police have interviewed Henderson and served a search warrant, and found at least one gun and the sledgehammer police suspect was used to break into Elmore’s Firearms on Nov. 15, Greenwood Police Department Assistant Chief Matt Fillenwarth said.

Two weeks ago, nine guns were stolen from Elmore’s Firearms on State Road 135 when a thief broke in through the roof overnight. The break-in was the third at the Center Grove area gun store in the last six years, after two previous cases where thieves drove a vehicle into the store, police said.

About 2:45 a.m., someone used a sledgehammer to pound a hole through the two-layered roof and dropped about 12 feet into the store. In less than two minutes, the person got in and out, taking seven handguns and two long guns, investigators said. Video from inside the store showed a person who was covered from head to toe, wearing gloves, a mask and a sweatshirt. Investigators had hoped the distinct sweatshirt would help them identify the thief.

Greenwood police, along with investigators from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, have been investigating since then. An up to $5,000 reward was offered in the case.

Investigators got a tip that led them to Henderson, Fillenwarth said.

Police are continuing to investigate.

Henderson was taken to the Johnson County jail, where he was held on $6,600 bond.

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