Letter: Columnist wrong, this time about internet

To the editor:

Three foci relative to Dan Thomasson’s column in The Daily Journal (Oct. 30), “The Power of Mainstream Media.”‘

Mr. Thomasson is right to point out “…the death of American newspapers has been prematurely exaggerated …” But to continue and slam the internet as being “… unchecked, ill-conceived and undisciplined …,” without specific examples is, in a word, sophomoric.

This blogger, who reads two daily newspapers cover to cover, finds today’s print news media nothing like it was a scant five years ago: in coverage (fewer reporters); size (fewer advertisers); and fairness, since the presidential election (more name-calling = less credibility). Dead no. Suffering yes. And many of us, as subscribers, hope our newspapers recover.

Once again, this member of the Franklin College collage of liberal op/ed columnists simply cannot resist getting a hit in on President Trump. “… Saved us from another nomination-travesty by the Trump administration.” Pray tell Dan, the other nomination travesties of which you speak? Didn’t think you could name any, or you would have done so within that errant statement.

Guess my recommendation in a previous letter to the editor bears repeating: “Wonder how Thomasson and his journalist cronies would react to having their ‘pens licensed’ as ‘gun (owners) are licensed.’ After all, what’s good for the Second Amendment right ought to be OK for the First Amendment right, don’t you think?” Otherwise journalists cum columnists, like Thomasson, write what they want, oft without basis, and certainly without fear of retribution — except for letters to the editor like this one.

George Allen