Letter: Normalizing President Trump could be dangerous

To the editor:

Sen. Susan Collins and much of the media are falling into the trap of normalizing Donald Trump.

Normalizing Trump is normalizing not only his demeanor as an erratic, ignorant and blatant liar but also the ambition of those who claim “we need strong man rule.”

Our Revolutionary ancestors fought and died to get rid of strong man rule. Normalizing strong man rule dishonors every veteran of World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq. Voting doesn’t justify it. The German people voted for it and then had to live out the horror story they set in motion.

We are living in the tyranny of a minority — a tyranny based on fear and lack of commitment to the Union and the Constitution. If the free press does not lead the charge for a united, rational, Constitutional government, there may not be a free press in our future. Sometimes there are not two sides to a situation and pretensions of fairness will not make it so.

Donald Smith