Kindergarten creative turkeys

On Thursday, Johnson County families will sit down to full meals with the holiday’s bird as a centerpiece.

Some kindergarten students at Creekside Elementary School have creative ideas on how some turkeys can disguise themselves to avoid the Thanksgiving Day table.

Stephanie Dunn and Aly Werner, kindergarten teachers at the school, have for years given their students the assignment to take a turkey home and disguise it.

Every year students have creative designs. Disney characters such as Minnie Mouse and Elsa from “Frozen” are in this year’s disguises. So are holiday characters such as Santa Claus, a zombie and a witch.

Having the students disguise a turkey every year allows the students to get creative, creates an assignment that is easy for the family to work on together and writing about the disguises promotes that skill, Werner said.

“It is a fun, family activity to get the families involved,” she said.

Here is a selection:

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