Marriage Licenses – November 17

Lora Walden and Steven Jesson, both of Greenwood

Amanda Dean and Christopher Carpenter, both of Franklin

Heather Parks and Cory Muse, both of New Whiteland

Barbara Swallows and Billy Burton, both of Edinburgh

Lindsey Day and Jacob Graham, both of Greenwood

Lesley Johnson and Justin King, both of New Whiteland

Brandon Brewington and Janice Jeffers, both of New Whiteland

David Raper and Tammy Themel, both of Greenwood

Eric Woodke and Jennifer Heaston, both of Trafalgar

Evan Wagner of Greenwood and Lauren Pieratt of Indianapolis

Lindsey Beckley and Alexander Roach, both of Franklin

Stephanie Moynahan and Ryan Bockelman, both of Greenwood

Pinka Kalkat and Jaspreet Kaur, both of Greenwood

Kelly Huter and Arthur Miller, both of Greenwood

Eddie Caudill Jr. and Kimberly Cochenour, both of Bargersville

Mitchell McDaniel and Crystal Bounin, both of Greenwood

Brett Mohler and Cortney Gallahan, both of Franklin

Tarah Beaton and Eric Curry, both of Greenwood

Malachi Smith and Kyrin Fetz, both of Whiteland

Brett Cumings and Christian Flynn, both of Greenwood

Felicia Roembke and Devon Davis, both of Greenwood

Nicholas Sparks and Ashley Cooper, both of Greenwood