To the editor:

On Sunday, Nov. 5, due to heavy rains, the street in front of our house flooded. Around 7:20 p.m. I went outside to check the flooding in the street in front of my home because my wife was getting ready to be on her way home from work.

I saw a city truck with its yellow light flashing in front of my home. Then I noticed two gentlemen down the street around 301 Yorktown Road. People were driving through high flood waters and splashing around them while they were trying to clean leaves out from the flooded road.

The next thing I notice was a gentleman pulls up in a big SUV and gets out and walks up to go check on them. I asked him if there’s anything they can do to shut the road down, and he says they can’t shut the road down unless they have multiple cones and road closed signs.

My main concern was the crew safety. I then quickly realized he was the mayor of Greenwood. He said, “If I have a crew working, then I’m working.”

This truly truly impressed me that he was out checking on the crew that was clearing the roads of flooding at 7:30 p.m on a Sunday evening. Then I come to find out it was a neighbor that was down there helping; his name was Nick Stumpo, who does work for the city of Greenwood. There was another city of Greenwood street department employee who was on duty. (I did not get his name.)

I did talk to Nick afterwards, and he mentioned that he was at the flooded site up to his waist cleaning the two clogged drains on and off for an hour before the city crew showed up.

The moral of this story is the fact that the mayor showed up and the crew on and off the clock did an excellent job. I’m very proud to call the city of Greenwood home. I will continue to call this city home for many more years just for the simple reason that the mayor showed up and he truly cares.

Also my neighbor, Nick Stumpo, is a world-class citizen, and Mayor Mark W. Myers is world-class mayor for the city of Greenwood.

Brian Wilcox