Letter: Someone needs to ‘wake up’ columnist

To the editor:

David Carlson, in my opinion, misses the mark with his “Will you wake up or sleepwalk through life?” (Oct. 13) column which roundly praises ex-footballer Colin Kaepernick and comedian Jimmy Kimmel for, in his view, their wake-up calls to the American public.

What he misses is how appropriately his message applies to President Donald Trump, who in Carlson’s words, is “…simply acting out a personal need to live more fully in the truth as (he) understand(s) it!” Furthermore; how Never Trumpers and Democrat revenge campaigners complain, about Trump, et. al., “How dare they?” and “Who do they think they are?” as the president and his supporters “wake-up” fellow citizens, and begin draining Washington’s “inside the beltway” swamp.

Yes, according to Carlson “infuriated people in our country” continue to fight, needlessly and hopelessly, against this strong, no-nonsense, “lead from the front and not the rear” president, unafraid of detractors, and who’s boldly restoring conservative values to a national populace wanting their country back — and great again.

Thank you (Franklin College) professor David Carlson, for inadvertently providing this post-2016 election contrarian history lesson.

George Allen