Letter: Consider pedestrian bridge at Greenwood mall

To the editor:

I know that Greenwood is looking for ways to increase walkability in its city. One of the key areas that could really help the residents is a pedestrian bridge that crosses over U.S. 31 to the Greenwood Park Mall/Toys “R” Us shopping area and EarthFare area.

Many people use the mall as a place to live, work and play, especially people with disabilities. It would increase independence tremendously for people that do not have transportation, are older or disabled. To connect these areas would increase business for the shops, create a safe passage and increase access to healthy food options.

There are residences and apartments that are directly across or down the street from this busy and dangerous intersection. If these three areas were connected, citizens could walk all the way from U.S. 31 to Madison Avenue and beyond. Maybe instead of more trails they could put the money where it could be used to help the most people.

Alisa Rayel