Marriage Licenses – November 3

Marriage licenses

Jessica Johnson and Christopher Wright, both of Whiteland

Jessica Smith and Robert Yaryan, both of Greenwood

Brianne Stillwagon and Patrick Burnett, both of Franklin

Ashley Pittman and Dabid Talerico, both of New Whiteland

Jacqueline Smith and Travis Harold, both of Greenwood

Macy Bowman of Greenwood and Coltan Martin of Lone Pine, California

Jason Gilbert and Sheryl Mewton, both of Greenwood

Abigail Harbert and Taylor Arwood, both of Greenwood

Patricia Barnes and Trisha Miller, both of Greenwood

Diane Prosser and Wallace Dagner, both of Greenwood

Kendra Haste of Martinsville and Eric Johnson of Franklin

David Hopper of Greenwood and Melissa Stewart of Franklin