Letter: When humanity shines, America grows stronger

To the editor:

I dismissed every scream from my brain and every knot from my stomach — and actually debated the whys and the wherefores without any rhyme or reason — of considering giving him a shot. Whatever my decision, it is irrelevant, as he now carries the title of leader of the greatest nation in the world.

How can one human being awaken to the gift of the sweetest, most precious lemonade — and after his first breath and before his first cup of coffee, turn that gift into a destructive, toxic and borderline-frightening — lemon?

In the great realm of life and relevance, just as water and air is required, of course a government and all the politics that decorate it are also necessary. So we come to our tables and agree to disagree, and if we really listen to one another, we just might find a common ground or a thin thread that will fit through the eye of the needle of hope and humanity.

Simply put, humanity trumps egos and politics, and perhaps the art of a more diplomatic and respectful rhetoric could make the art of the deal even better…

As dawn’s shades of pink, orange and blazing red turn into morning, I bring my morning coffee back to bed and after quieting and feeding my soul, I peruse my favorite newspapers. Lately, the news disturbs my quiet peace. Humanity is screaming on every page and pulls at our minds for solutions and breaks our hearts from the pain and loss from wildfires devouring land and life.

We read and watch destruction from a frightening season of hurricanes and floods, one after another. We experience utter disbelief and shock as hundreds of lives are affected and taken by bullets from homegrown human beings with unknown mindsets. Is it mental illness or just evil?

We become numb, we go into shock, we read, we watch, we pray, we grieve and weep along with those grieving. We are all connected, and somehow we have either personally, or know of someone, who has suffered from the recent multitude of devastating losses. It is humanity at its darkest.

But we know that it is also humanity at it’s finest. We hold, we listen, we comfort, we help, we rebuild, we start over, we encourage and we stand side by side. We carry the weak. and we ever so gently shine a light on sadness and pain, to spark a ray of bright hope and healing. We gather together in faith and love. We inspire, teach and give hope to our children and our children’s children.

Why does it take tragedy to bring us and them together as one? For it is then that our undying positive energy, hope and determination embraces true humanity. It is then when we embrace one another. It is then when we are inspired, when we rebuild, when we forgive and when healing begins.

No matter the level of rhetoric or the state of politics, when the heart of humanity shines, Americans grow strong again and America remains the greatest nation in the world.

Victoria Neesen