Letter: Having licensed journalists may not be such a bad idea

To the editor:

I was “with Dan Thomasson” for the first four paragraphs of his review of gun rights in the U.S (“It’s a start; Banning bump stocks at least step forward,” Oct. 16).

Then he resorted to sad form, succumbing to a penchant for name-calling, referring to Congressional lawmakers as “lackeys” (“servile followers”) on Capitol Hill. Why did he have to ruin an otherwise interesting and challenging piece of writing in this manner? It’s like his pen, when wielded as a weapon against those with whom he disagrees — in this case gun owners and the NRA — is aimed to wound, if not kill, the opposition, time and again.

Hmm. Wonder how Thomasson and his journalist cronies would react to having their “pens licensed,” as “gun (owners) are licensed”? After all, what’s good for the Second Amendment right ought to be OK for the First Amendment right, don’t you think?

Doing so would likely chill the vitriolic protestations of Never Trumpers, the “outraged left” and even “deep staters” encouraging the continuing Democrat revenge campaign. And in the event you haven’t heard, Indiana state representative Jim Lucas is proposing just such a licensing measure.

George Allen