Marriage Licenses – October 27

Marriage licenses

Abbie Wells and Andrew Leeth, both of Franklin

Alexandra Boston and Tucker Weisbrod, both of New Whiteland

Cody Perrott and Amanda McKenna, both of Whiteland

Nicole Baseley of Greenwood and Jacob Ford of New Castle

Sarah King and Seanathon Martinez, both of Greenwood

Jacob Stidham and Macey Perry, both of Whiteland

Brenda Hopper and Dennis Walton, both of Greenwood

Donald Phelps and Satomi Tanaka, both of Franklin

Loren Sargent of Franklin and Jacob Collins of Orleans

Robbin Cook and Kimberly Monteith, both of Trafalgar

Alexandria Ayers and Matthew Andrews, both of Greenwood

Jama Wesley and Kyle Lacey, both of Franklin

Ann Kammerer and Adrian Toms, both of Greenwood

Rachel Allender and Robert Steven, both of Trafalgar

Nicole Bryant and Eric Vaughn, both of Greenwood

Alison Quinn and Daniel Martin, both of Bargersville

Jessie Roberts and Richard Johns, both of Nineveh

Terrance Spradlin and Nicol Ferise, both of Greenwood

Courtney Winter and Jacob Foist, both of Franklin

Zachary Kreider and Janna Vancza, both of Greenwood

Jill Renee Hortemiller and Joseph Guerra, both of Greenwood