Letter: Taking a knee for women’s rights

To the editor:

Women, take a knee.

Women are victims of income inequality, have been denied property ownership or the right to vote. We are continued victims of domestic violence and are often terrified of walking nearly any street in America.

Men who have committed crimes against women often have not faced the justice they’ve deserved.

News headlines constantly reveal hard evidence that famous and wealthy men have abused or even murdered females of all ages with no conviction in sight.

Just now, injustice is being protested by wealthy and famous men who display tremendous athletic prowess in stadiums which this woman most likely helped fund.

These NFL players stood for the British National Anthem, yet hit the ground for their own country’s symbol of pride and unity.

Clearly these athletes are as stunningly ignorant of the flawed history of Britain as they are the history of the multitude of brave, selfless Americans who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their freedom to take that knee.

As an American woman, and obviously a victim of outrageous, systemic and pervasive injustice, vulnerable to financial, mental and physical abuse at every turn, you bet I’ll be taking a knee this Sunday as well.

In church.

Praying for sanity to return to my country.

Kathy Duvall