Letter: Mr. Smith should go to Washington

To the editor:

I nominate Donald Smith for Congress. Every letter he submits to the Daily Journal is always spot on, intelligent, well-thought out and well-expressed.

If the citizens of this county would have digested some of what he wrote before the 2016 election and after, maybe we wouldn’t be in this chaotic mess. I hope Mr. Smith sends his brilliant tax reform plan (“Fair tax system key to America‚Äôs future,” letter, Oct. 7-8) to our representatives and senators in Washington. The Trump plan, as usual, favors the ultra rich more than anyone … trickle down economics, again.

Besides insulting just about everyone, Trump has turned control of government over to corporate elites: foxes in the hen house. While the country is distracted by the craziness, corporate America is positioning itself to reap enormous benefits.

I am shocked anyone still supports Trump and thinks he is doing what they elected him to do. From criticizing NFL players’ right to peaceful protest, (white people telling black people when and where to protest injustice), to repealing anything President Barack Obama (the first black president) accomplished to protect the environment, workers, economy, food, etc., there is no coming together. His supporters locally criticize thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate writers like David Carlson and John Krull (and Smith). They are anti-science and deniers of truth. I see no common ground.

Diane Lindley