Marriage Licenses – October 20

Kimberleigh Trimble and Brandon Inman, both of Greenwood

Dana Snell and Andrew Tanner, both of Greenwood

Jordyn Perry of Greenwood and Thomas Deppe of Illinois

Sara Richardson of Morgantown and James Rasmussen of Franklin

Valerie Sperka and Gregory Bendel, both of Greenwood

Katelyn Ryder of Greenwood and Andrew Gardner of Kirlin

Shania Taylor and Skylar Schlicher, both of Franklin

Michael King of Richmond and Hannah Miller of Greenwood

Vashti Daku and Andrew Schafer, both of Greenwood

Mahala Williams and Michael Smith, both of Franklin

Tina Fettinger and Andrew Kiss, both of Greenwood

Justin Roehling of Fairland and Hannah Koester of Greenwood

Donnie Godsey and Misty Ransom, both of Greenwood