To the editor:

The recent horrifying slaughter in Las Vegas has turned a spotlight on a terrifying fact: We have deranged individuals in our country whose “sport” is hunting human beings — and those individuals are armed with weapons of mass murder. Let that sink in.

It is time for Americans who support common-sense gun regulations to stand up. We must demand that our representatives at every level of government make it more difficult for unfit gun owners to obtain weapons of mass killing. We must restore funding for research on gun safety, so that fewer innocent children die from accidental discharges.

We must demand that individuals who are on the terrorist no-fly list not be allowed to buy guns. We must turn deaf ears to the NRA and their inflammatory false message that any regulation of firearms is unconstitutional and will somehow lead to the confiscation of responsible citizens’ guns. We must put our representatives’ phone numbers into our contacts lists and make our voices heard.

If our legislators refuse to act, we must act to elect different legislators. If the NRA refuses to moderate, responsible gun owners must de-fund them. The one thing we must not do is nothing.

Norma Blake