To the editor:

Kudos to Judy Coleman of Bargersville for criticizing Texas “freelance writer” Gloria Johns’ column lambasting President Donald Trump in the Sept. 23 Daily Journal.

I agree with her point after point, especially when asking: “Aren’t we served up enough of this hogwash already, from Franklin College?” (i.e. op/ed columns by Krull, Carlson and Thomasson). Like Ms. Coleman, I’m supportive of the sea change in national leadership, away from a “community organizer micromanaging a war” to “a real man in the White House unafraid to delegate authority to military leaders.”

Once again, it’s high time for Never Trumpers, the “outraged left,” Obama holdovers, even the “deep state” (of swamp-soiled powerbrokers) to end their self-serving Democrat revenge campaign and support MAGAnomics, i.e. Make America Great Again Economics.

George Allen