To the editor:

“… those now serving in Iraq and Syria are nameless and faceless, to Donald Trump, that is, certainly not to their loved ones.” And, “What is frightening is that Trump is a trigger-happy president,” citing dropping the “mother of all bombs” … on suspected Islamic State tunnels and munitions sites in Syria.”

Where do the editors of The Daily Journal find such non-credentialed guest columnists as “freelance writer” Gloria Jones? Not only is she, in my opinion, way off base with her unsubstantiated non-sequitur (i.e. “nameless and faceless,” and “trigger-happy”), but she needs editing to boot. Opening sentence would have been better rendered as two, ending first with “to Donald Trump.” Beginning next, with “But certainly not to their loved ones.”

Back to trigger-happy. As an RVN combat vet, I doubt a single infantryman, artilleryman or airman didn’t appreciate this Commander in Chief, bold to drop the “mother of all bombs” on suspected Islamic State tunnels and munitions sites in Syria!

But the “mother of all bombasts” comes as faux writer Johns questions “… which leader is more unbalanced. Indeed, when Trump looks in the mirror, he sees Kim Jong Un, and vice versa.” Really? Gloria Johns: That’s downright disrespectful of the President of the United States of America! You should be ashamed of yourself — unless you’re a North Korean.

I, like the majority of Americans who put this man in office, am pleased to have someone in this office, willing and able to lead from the front and not the rear. But I doubt you’d understand that, given your assumed dearth of military experience and leadership.

And to the editors at The Daily Journal. You’re long overdue finding and featuring columnists with more conservative opinions than the ones popular with you to date. Do you seriously think I’m the only one who notices this imbalance? I’m assuredly not. Just one of the few unafraid to speak out against the Never Trumpers and others committed to the Democrats “revenge campaign.”

George Allen