Marriage Licenses – October 6

Kristie Neighbors and Trey Rayburn, both of Morgantown

Andrew Handley of Trafalgar and Shannon Tuholski of Michigan City

Lauran Gady and Wade Shepherd, both of Franklin

Brian Matias and Caitlin Cameron, both of Greenwood

Walter Rood IV of Bargersville and Tracy Starr of Martinsville

Jakob Allard of Pennsylvania and Britany Clark of Franklin

Robert Triana and Brooke Reese, both of Greenwood

Elaine Fleckenstein of Evansville and William Bradley of Franklin

Debrae Vaugh and Ricky Holder, both of Morgantown

Sevanna Volz and Evan Ponder, both of Greenwood

Amy Gramse and Nickolas Rumell, both of Bargersville

Cody Dorman and Stacey Rice, both of Greenwood

Taylor Hundall and Erin Bullard, both of Greenwood

Alicia West and Derek Foster, both of New Whiteland

Joshua Means and Heave D’Albano, both of Greenwood

Lauren Moore and Jeffrey Biggs, both of Greenwood

Orval Sherman of Bargersville and Louise Francis of Whiteland

Karen McDonald and Justin Perry, both of Whiteland

Elizabeth Rogers of Greenwood and Jeffrey Humphrey Jr., of Mooresville

Kristin Drabyn and Andrew Wodrich, both of Greenwood

Raymond Jones and Lauren Roberts, both of Nineveh