Letter: Water drainage top issue in Franklin

To the editor:

I read with great interest the article about the improvements (“Driven to improve”) in Franklin in the Daily Journal on Sept. 20.

I am sure the improvements are needed and will benefit Franklin in the future. When I talk to residents of Franklin and ask them what is the No. 1 issue that needs addressed in Franklin, the majority of the time they answer water drainage.

Not only was the flood of 2008 bad, but the one of 2017 was out of control also.

The more we concrete and blacktop, the less ground there is to soak up water.

I am sure the improvements on King Street and others will be nice for guests coming off Interstate 65 and going to downtown Franklin. I just hope they do not see a city that is under water, with picnic tables floating in the middle of the creek.

Charles Harmening