Letter: NFL players taking a knee disrespectful to the flag

To the editor:

An open letter to the NFL owners and players:

There are plenty of venues today to exercise your First Amendment rights. Being disrespectful to the flag and country of the United States of America during the national anthem shows total contempt for the soldiers that serve and died for this country so you could exercise your right.

We are bombarded today with political correctness, and we sure don’t need it demonstrated in the sports arena. Maybe all of you spoiled millionaire snowflakes need to visit Arlington National Cemetery for a humbling experience. By the way, all skin colors are buried there!

To the owners: It appears you are having a hard time controlling your multi-millionaire spoiled brats. It’s your company, it’s your venue and your game day. I for one, will not spend another dime supporting the NFL. Keep your $150 tickets, your $12 beer, your $7 hotdogs and $20 parking.

John G. Jefferson

White River Township