Marriage Licenses – September 29

Kenneth Bryant and Patricia Campbell, both of Franklin

Tina Beaty and Daniel Porter, both of Whiteland

Jeffrey Carlisle and Ivana Franklin, both of Greenwood

Michelle White of Indianapolis and Kenneth Sullivan of Whiteland

Jennifer Ewart and Jonathan Ailes, both of Greenwood

Taylor Hazelgrove and Joshua Beller, both of Franklin

Justice Llewellyn and Kenneth Thacker, both of Franklin

Bryant Hickman and Luretha Wilson, both of Greenwood

Angela Dillard and Brian McIntyre, both of Edinburgh

Erin Grossman and Derek Abel, both of Greenwood

Brittany Kehoe and Justin Moran, both of Franklin

Seth Acree of Indianapolis and Erika Gehm of Greenwood

Travis Foster and Sara McHenry, both of Whiteland

Ryan Perry and Danielle Johnson, both of Trafalgar

Kathryn Smiley of Greenwood and Jimmey Lynn of Indianapolis

Rachel Helvie of Bargersville and Jacob Abraham of Franklin

Kayla Tutrow and Juan Pucheta, both of Greenwood

Christopher Crocker Jr. and Morgan Merritt, both of Greenwood

Gugulethu Phiri and Kyle Bishop, both of Greenwood

Jayson Pitzer and Crystal Kuehrmann, both of Greenwood

Etta Glidden and Robert Glidden, both of Whiteland