Letter: Nuclear disaster a real threat

To the editor:

The Daily Journal’s political columnist, John Krull, is either mellowing, or has seen the error of past rants, as a Never Trump enthusiast often writing in support of the Democrat’s revenge campaign, a.k.a. the Outraged Left.

Did you read his “Questioning Government (Is) Right Thing To Do” column? If not, you should. Hard to believe this is the same guy who has, in the past, penned:

“Two presidents are better than one”

“There is no temple he (President Trump) will not trash, no tradition he will not traduce, no principle he will not pummel, no rule he will not wreck if it interferes with his narrow, personal agenda or interests.”

“… it’s time to find out how far this corruption reaches before it completely eats away the core of the country.”

And now?

Harkening back to those earlier quotes of his, try this on for Krull size: “Truth … is too big a thing to cram into a partisan or ideological box — and too rambunctious a force to remain confined ….” I can agree with him on that. How ’bout you?

But it wouldn’t be ole’ John Krull if he didn’t get an errant lick in at President Trump. Here goes:

“And America’s third party — the Donald Trump party — eschews (shuns) any commitment to ideas or any duty to facts and devotes itself simply to nurturing and exploiting grievances, well-founded or not.” Geesh. Think Rocket Man in North Korea gets more than faint comfort from wisecracks like that? Sure he does. Here’s how:

Think EMP, that’s short for electronic magnetic pulse, the “frying” of everything electrical you can think of, in the event of an air burst of a nuclear weapon (what North Korea is developing and testing right now). So, if you’ve never heard or read about that nascent, impending nuclear threat to our nation, read William R. Forstchen’s “One Second After.” You’ll be a Trump supporter for sure afterwards. And if that’s not enough to shock you out of any liberal, progressive fog you’re in, read Forstchen’s “One Year Later.”

Enough said. John Krull, director of Franklin College Pulliam School of Journalism, and host of “No Limits” on WFYI’s 90.1, has not seen the error of his journalistic ramblings, and is only as mellow as a snake in the grass, waiting to strike President Trump the next time our local newspaper gives him white space to fill and faithful subscribers to anger.

George Allen