It happens almost every Tuesday at 10:35 a.m.

I smack my head and then hang it in shame. Remorsefully, I glance at the crown I once wore proclaiming me the Queen of Free. I have dropped the ball, missed the mark and fallen short of my moniker.

I missed the Chick-fil-a free breakfast promotion at the franchise just more than a mile from my house.


While my waistline probably thanks me that I inconveniently skipped my opportunity to score a free chicken biscuit (mmmm, chicken biscuit) or other delicious breakfast entrees, my freebie-loving self sheds a few tears. You’ve probably been there before, too.

It’s difficult to keep straight where you can save the most money when. So you and I never have to live in the land of forgotten freebies or missed discount opportunity, this list should help you save money every single day of the week.


A few years ago, it dawned on me that most grocery stores in central Indiana run their sales on a Thursday through Wednesday cycle. That means each week, new deals begin on Thursday morning and the sale cycle ends late Wednesday night.

One of the only exceptions to this rule of thumb is big box retailer Target. Target’s ad can be found in the Sunday paper and their sales run Sunday through Saturday instead.

For this reason, if you’re a Target shopper, it’s best to head there first thing in the week. Waiting until later might mean some of best deals will be gone. Faithful Target shoppers also should be aware of changes coming to the Cartwheel money-saving app.


Oh sweet Monday. It’s the day of the week most of us greet with a bit of dread and the day that usually requires more mental and emotional energy than we have the capacity to muster. The good news is that if you’re a senior citizen, Mondays might be your best day to catch a flick.

Cinemark Theaters offer a senior citizens discount Mondays at its location in Greenwood. Your ticket price comes in at cool $2 all day long which means you might be able to afford popcorn, too.


While not every Chick-fil-A features a Tuesday-morning freebie, many do. Check with your nearest location for weekly or monthly promotion. By the way, during the month of September, a Johnson County Public Library card gets you dozens discounts and freebies galore, including a free entree at Chick-fil-A.

Many restaurants run kids’ nights on Tuesdays, too. Promotions may vary throughout the year, but select Texas Roadhouse, Fazoli’s, Denny’s, and Moe’s locations have offered free or discounted meals for kids with an adult entree purchase. Always call ahead to see if your franchise participates before you leave home.


Wednesday is another great day to be a senior shopper. Customers age 60 and older can get 15 percent off at Kohl’s every Wednesday. Do note, the discount cannot be combined with other offers.

Other clothing retailers including Goodwill, Steinmart (age 55 and up) and Dress Barn offer discounts to senior citizens too, but on different days. Some require you to sign up for email promotions to receive the coupon.


Hands down, my favorite place to shop Thursdays is Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. Fresh Thyme features what it’s dubbed Double Ad Thursdays. Simply put, you can get the best of two sale cycles on one day. All of the previous week’s deals are up for grabs as are the deals for the next week.

It might be a little busy, but to me it’s worth it.


Keep your eyes peeled to your email inbox Fridays. If you’re a member of an eclub for your favorite restaurants, they’ll be fighting to get you in their doors on the night of the week no one wants to cook. In particular, pizza chains offer some of their very best deals Friday.

I’m a big fan of dining locally, too. Be aware of your favorite local destinations’ special offerings and maximize your dollars by pouring them back into your community. Don’t skip any punch cards or rewards offers. Make the most of each opportunity and store the cards where you can easily find them the next time you dine.


Want to take the kids out for the weekend, but don’t want to spend a bundle? Select Steak ‘N Shake restaurants offer a free kids’ meal for every $9 spent on Saturday and Sunday.

These are just a few of my favorite ways to save money throughout the week. You may want to create a running list of your own. Don’t forget to include churches and community centers who offer free meals or programming.

Who knows. You may just give me a run for my money and need a crown of your own to wear.

Greenwood resident Cherie Lowe and her husband paid off $127,000 in debt in four years and now live debt-free every day with their two kids. She is the author of “Slaying the Debt Dragon: How One Family Conquered Their Money Monster and Found an Inspired Happily  Ever After.” Send questions, column ideas and comments to