Marriage Licenses – September 22

Marriage licenses

Elizabeth Elixman and Douglas Craig, both of Greenwood

Eleanor Coner and Christopher Rollings, both of Franklin

Thomas Trotter and Brittany Sutton, both of Bargersville

Morgan Kellar and Joshua Beaty, both of Greenwood

Brian Pettit and Kimberly Sehr, both of Bargersville

Amy Jenkinson and Steven Harrison, both of Greenwood

Diana Means and Bryan Moistner, both of Greenwood

Kimberly Carnes of Greenwood and Danny Layton of Brownsburg

Kiersten Scifres of Greenwood and Nicholas Hunter of Fishers

Matthew McComish and Lindsey Cass, both of Greenwood

Dawn Reynolds and Jason Malone, both of Whiteland

Tina Deuberry and Andrew Ferry, both of Greenwood

Cynthia Hawkins and Robert Shonk, both of Greenwood

Judy Davis and Tony Frost, both of Franklin

Rachel Bookout of Greenwood and William Chaney of Bargersville

Samantha Reynolds of Greenwood and Nathan Long of Martinsville

Heather Stuckwisch and Erik Hess, both of Bargersville

Deeanna Lewis and James Fahrenkamp, both of Greenwood

Jennifer Andy and Jason Carraway, both of Greenwood

Aubrie Ritter of Edinburgh and Caleb Poytner of Danville

Lasonda Barker and Kyle Stewart, both of Greenwood

Bradley Arnold and Amanda Bennett, both of Whiteland

Heather Herald and Eric Golliday, both of Greenwood

Edward Smoote and Malisa Holt, both of Franklin