2 arrested in fatal shooting

Through text messages and meetings, three men planned to drive to a Greenwood home to steal drugs and money, police said.

At the end of the night, one man was dead, and now police have arrested two others.

Police arrested Samuel A. Silverman, 22, of Indianapolis, and Sean T. Goodman, 30, of Carmel, on a charge of robbery.

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On Sept. 12, police were called to a home on Bridle Court where a man had been shot to death and found in the street.

The residents of the home, Ryan Endress and Kaylee Whitaker, both 22, told police a man forced his way inside and tried to rob them at gunpoint. Endress and the man, later identified as 26-year-old Derrick Brown, fought and then both fired shots, according to police reports.

Both Endress and Whitaker were hit, receiving non-life threatening injuries.

Brown ran from the home to a waiting vehicle, but collapsed in the street and died with gunshot wounds to his chest and back, the reports said.

Endress had told police that when Brown forced his way in, he was letting an acquaintance out of the home.

Investigators had found that suspicious. Police looked through text messages on Brown’s phone, and found a conversation between Brown and a phone number that was found to be Silverman’s, according to the report.

In the text messages, Silverman told Brown how to enter the home, and what he would find inside, including multiple types of drugs and cash, the report said. When police searched the home, they found marijuana, acid, ecstasy and prescription medications, the report said.

Police showed a lineup of photos to Endress, who identified Silverman as the acquaintance who had been in his home before Brown tried to rob him, the report said. Endress told police Silverman had been sending text messages while inside, but said he was texting his girlfriend, the report said.

Silverman told police he, Brown and Goodman began planning the robbery the week before. He told police Goodman drove to Endress’ home, and he and Brown rode in the car. While inside the home, he sent messages to Brown about what was inside and where Endress was inside the home.

When he left, Brown rushed inside, and Silverman ran to Goodman’s vehicle and then heard shots being fired. Goodman and Silverman saw Brown coming out to the vehicle, and then collapse in the street, and the two drove away, according to the report.

Goodman told police Silverman started discussing the robbery. Goodman said he suggested asking Brown to participate, who he had previously worked with, because he had been arrested on a robbery charge before and had a “frightening appearance,” the report said.

Goodman drove and waited in the car. He saw Silverman run out to the car and then saw Brown collapse in the street. He told police he assumed he was dead and drove away, the report said.

Both Goodman and Silverman told police they were remorseful for what happened, the report said.

Goodman, 79 Harmony Road, and Silverman, 3046 N. Gladstone Ave., were each arrested on a charge of robbery — a level two felony that carries a sentence of up to 30 years in prison. They were both taken to the Johnson County jail and held on $30,000 bond.

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