Patti Paris Owens

The Penrod Arts Fair is known as “Indiana’s nicest day,” a nod to the idyllic combination of late-summer weather, a setting on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the proliferation of stunning works of art.

For Bargersville artist Patti Paris Owens, the event will be even nicer, since it allows her to present her work to a larger audience.

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“It’s wonderful for me. I talk to my clients all the time about my art, but it hasn’t been convenient for them to see the art,” she said. “I have many clients who have had said they’re coming. I’m really excited to be able to participate.”

Owens will be a featured artist at Penrod for the first time, displaying her collection of abstract, multimedia work.

More than 150 artists will participate in the fair. Visitors will have the chance to browse sculpture, painting, multimedia work and many other genres.

The festival will be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at Newfields, the campus of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, 4000 Michigan Ave. Tickets are $15 online through today and $20 at the gate.

Owens will be featured in the yellow section of the festival, located in the grassy area closest to Michigan Avenue and 38th Street. She also will take part in the Evening with Penrod, a Friday night gala and sneak peek at a select group of artists showing at the fair.

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We sat down with Owens for a brief Q-and-A:

What have you been working on as you get ready for Penrod?

“I do all kinds of things, and I’ve been really busy working in people’s homes, doing their beautiful wall treatments and ceiling treatments and columns. I’ve been doing a lot of painted furniture that’s both elegant and rustic. At the same time, I’m always working on art.”

What does Penrod give you the opportunity to do?

“I’m an abstract, acrylic, mixed-media artist. I’m not stuck in one style — I do many color groupings and can adapt to many different styles of homes. It’s a good opportunity to show the range of art I do.”

How have you been getting ready?

“It’s been very busy. You have to have stuff that is done, hasn’t been started and almost complete. I’m really working hard to get a lot of pieces done, and I’ll have other pieces that are pulled from on display at the Art of Healing in Greenwood, and Love Your Body Yoga & Loungewear Boutique, so it can be more exposed.”

What makes your artwork unique?

“My art can fit in many different styles of homes. Sometimes, you don’t think about placing a certain piece in certain homes. But an abstract contemporary piece can go in a traditional style home, and it creates an unexpected look. I think that’s fun.”

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