Hearts & Darts – September 4

  • A big heart to Express Employment Indy South for sharing their magnificent Clydesdale horses with the Greenwood community. The horses are magnificent and the hospitality was warm and friendly. The afternoon was a gift to the community, and we thank you. The event was open to the public, free of charge and handicap-accessible. We have a family member unable to navigate the state fair, but she was able to come to this meet-and-greet with the beautiful horses. Thank you Express Employment.

Kristy Mathews


  • Bushels of hearts to my daughter, Michele Eads, and granddaughter, Maci Eads, for making my 90th birthday more than a beautiful day. Thank you both, love you both, God bless you both and God bless America.

Wilma Jean Hougland


  • Hearts to Discover Downtown Franklin, the City of Franklin, local businesses and the countless volunteers who dedicate their time for events such as the Hops & Vines Festival and Franklin Farmers Market. Thanks for making Franklin a thriving community to live, learn, work and play in.

Erin Slevin