Letter: Staying ahead of phone scammers is frustrating

To the editor:

I agree with the suggestions on blocking unwanted calls (“Call-blocking system keeps scammers away,” Aug. 11, column by James Johnson); however, these scammers have found a way to tie into good local numbers in your prefix area.

In the past month, we have received credit card scammers and the time share scammers (we don’t have a time share, but somehow they started calling from inactive numbers months ago) from local numbers of well-known businesses and organizations and residents.

We answer the phone because we think it might be a friend or family member who’s had car trouble in front of their business or home, and as always, their cellphones are dead.

There’s no way to determine how to block someone tying in to an existing active number. It’s very frustrating. Numbers outside our prefix are not answered unless I decide to play with the caller (very rarely).

Vicki Garrett

New Whiteland