Letter: Columnist’s rants becoming ‘stale’

To the editor:

David Carlson should concentrate on his novel writing and philosophizing at Franklin College. His periodic rants against President Donald Trump, on the Opinion page of the Daily Journal, have — in my opinion — become hackneyed, as in “stale or trite by overuse.”

Examples? They abound in his misleading “Listen to other countries on consequential issues” column in the Aug. 10 edition.

He opines, “For some, Trump hasn’t been given a chance as president by the media and liberals.” Amen to that.

But Carlson goes on to say, two paragraphs later, “For others, the truth lies elsewhere. Trump is a dangerous and unstable person, someone whose word cannot be trusted. His relationship with Russia is muddied; what he asks of his children and son-in-law is possibly illegal.”

Really? Wouldn’t it be prudent Mr. Judge and Jury, to wait for the investigations to end? Or, are you secretly afraid you’re going to be proven wrong?

Thought so.

What does hackneyed read like?

“Trump’s radio show defenders and far-right Christian supporters are backing a very dangerous horse. For those fearful of what Trump may tweet or decide overnight, the president’s only interest is in making Trump great again.”

Geesh, give the man a break, David. Stop listening to the radio and watching cable TV if it bothers you so much. And please, stop the name-calling: “far-right Christian supporters.”

I’m surprised editors of the only daily newspaper in this conservative voting county allow such inaccurate and ingenuous labeling of its citizenry and readership. This columnist is offensive.

And finally, “Doesn’t it make sense to read and listen to what thoughtful observers from other countries, those with more distance from the fray and less bias, have to say about these issues?” In a word, NO.

You’re talking different cultures here, as well as distance that easily distorts what’s really happening. And less bias? How do you measure that? By dint of whether they agree with David Carlson or not? Thought that might be the case.

Hey Daily Journal, when are you going to get serious about balancing the foul verbiage of presumably liberal Democrat (election) revenge campaigners, and treat us — your faithful readers — to columnists who, like President Trump, want to, do, and will, “Make America Great Again!?

George Allen