Letter: Trump’s presidency not ‘by the people’

To the editor:

Mr. George Allen (“Trump’s America of, by, and for people,” letter, Aug. 14) might want to pick up a dictionary and examine the various other meanings of the world “autocrat.”

My dictionary includes the definition “a person who behaves in an authoritarian manner; a domineering person.” It appears to me that definition precisely describes President Donald Trump.

Furthermore, attacking the absence of commas (“nary a comma to be found …”) in a previous letter to the Journal is an example of the lowest form of debate in which the manner is attacked while completely ignoring the message. Is Mr. Allen unable to respond to the content of those comments and can only attack the writing style?

Trump and his White House have repeatedly shown a complete lack of integrity. He claims credit for things he had nothing to do with (or did nothing to facilitate) such as a rising stock market, falling unemployment or his fantasy of significant improvements in military readiness since he took office.

He has been in violation of the Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of U.S. Constitution since the day he took office, which is hardly the behavior of a person of integrity.

In addition, a close advisor (his son) has admitted to committing a felony while working for his father’s presidential campaign. Since his son now works for the president the concept of “integrity” is clearly not a part of the president’s world view.

Finally, I don’t see how the election of Trump is an example of “government by the people” since he clearly lost the popular vote. “The people” voted for Ms. Clinton.

James P. Sluka