Tyler Weltich Q&A Aug. 24

Tyler Weltich / Indian Creek, Sr., football


How rusty were you at the beginning of the opener after not playing football since eighth grade?

Honestly, it didn’t feel that bad. But really, I only played for about one-third of the game.

Is there a part of you that regrets not playing the past three years?

Yes. I think it would have been a lot more fun and been one of the highlights of my high school years.

Do you have a most memorable play from last week’s victory at North Putnam?

Just being on the field again was pretty cool. I remember doing something right and my teammates saying, “Good job.” We all support each other.

What was the best part of being out there again?

It’s being with your friends under the lights and competing. I was kind of nervous at first, but as soon as they snapped the ball I was fine.

How difficult was it going through summer workouts in order to get to this point?

Over the summer, the practices all started at 8 in the morning. At first, the hardest part was just waking up and showing up. But after a week or so, you’re motivated to be there with your teammates.

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