Ethan Pheifer Q&A Aug. 24

Ethan Pheifer / Franklin, Fr., soccer

At 120 pounds, have you adjusted to the physicality of the high school game?

It seems a little softer than club soccer, but they’re very similar. Sometimes it’s hard for me when I go against the backs from the other team.

As someone who also trains as a swimmer, how much time are you devoting to each sport at this time?

Right now it’s just soccer. Starting next week I’ll be doing morning practices in swimming, but I’ve done this before.

Which of your team’s matches are you looking forward to most?

Probably the match against Center Grove if we play them in sectional. They’re one of the toughest opponents we play.

It’s early in the season, but do you have a match where you feel you played your best soccer?

Probably against Shelbyville (a 6-5 Grizzly Cubs win). I think I had an assist in that match.

Being a freshman, is your first instinct to pass the ball rather than take the shot yourself?

In an opening, I’ll shoot it, but if I’m hesitant I’ll probably flick it or pass it.

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