Tyson Sackman Q&A Aug. 23

Tyson Sackman / Edinburgh, So., football

How do you feel you performed in your first start as the Lancers’ QB?

I think I did pretty good, but I was pretty nervous at first. After I threw a 43-yard fade to Dakota (Balthazor), that’s when I started to relax.

Are you vocal in the huddle or do you let the seniors talk?

I let (Tavian) Cosby do the talking to the linemen, but I’ll talk to the skill guys. It kind of just comes out. I’m pretty comfortable with it.

What was the play you remember most from Friday’s game against Brown County?

We’re down 21-8 and we’re going downfield on a drive. I get the snap and lose the football. I pick up the ball and throw it about 30 yards to Hunter Dean.

Being a Class A team, you play nearly every game on grass. Does this help or hurt your performance?

I like playing on grass. It’s more like backyard football.

Did last week’s game make you more comfortable being the QB the rest of the season?

Now that I know what I can do, I’ve got a lot more confidence.

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